The questions you NEED to ask when buying your home. 

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Hi, I am Meryl Moloney of Forbes Boyle. 
It is difficult when trying to find a property to buy and not long ago I was also at that stage. I had my budget in place, and knew the areas I wanted to buy that were most convenient to commute to work with plenty of amenities in the location. 
For me I needed to make sure the property was structurally secure and didn’t have too many problems. I recommend getting a structural surveyor to check the property you choose, it does cost a few hundred though, so that’s why, prior to this step, you need to know what questions to ask the agent before you go SALE AGREED! 
1. Why is the owner selling? 
Try to get some background information about the property. 
2. What is the location like? 
Is it safe? What’s the proximity to local amenities and roads? Are there good transport links? 
3. What is included in the sale? 
The vendor (owner) may decide to leave items of furniture or maybe they will decide to sell items to the purchaser. Is the garden shed included? Are the fixtures and fittings included? You don’t want to get any surprises when you get the keys, and all to late find that something has been removed which you thought was included. 
4. Are there any offers yet? If yes, how many bidders? 
You want to know how many have been bidding on the house and what the latest offer is. It may be below your budget, don’t get scared if there are a few bidders, you still have a chance of going Sale Agreed on the property. 
5. Is the property in a chain? Is the property owner occupied, tenanted or vacant? 
If the property is in a chain- has the owner found another property to buy? If its tenanted-has the tenant been given notice? 
6. What’s the orientation of the property? 
You may have your own preference of which way the property faces. North, East, West or South what aspect do you want? You can check this also with the compass app on your phone. 
7. Is there parking? 
If you drive or if you don’t, it’s good to know if there is parking with the property. You may have guests visiting and would like to know where they should park. 
8. What is the (BER) Building Energy Rating? 
This should be shown on the advertisement; there is a unique BER number. If you search SEAI National BER Register you can search this BER number, you do not need the MPRN. Enter the BER nine digit number and press Search. This will show up other details about the property- BER rating, type of dwelling, year of construction, floor area size, wall type, window type and heating type. This is very useful for your own knowledge. 
9. Has the owner made any adjustments to the construction of the property? Does the extension have a certificate? Does the porch door have a certificate? 
It’s always good to know if any construction has been done to the property and that it has legal certificates to show it is compliant with regulations. Your solicitor will also check this for you. 
10.Are there management fees and what does it cover? 
The property may have management fees whether it’s a house, apartment or duplex. This is a service the management company provides it may include the following; property insurance, taking care of communal areas and parking, security and bin collection etc… 
Prior to searching for a property you must have your Mortgage Approved in Principal; you will need this to place an offer. Otherwise, if you are in the position to be a cash buyer you can place an offer right away. 
Good Luck with your search! 
If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact myself or the Forbes Boyle team. We are always here to help. 
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Meryl Moloney of Forbes Boyle 
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