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What is Stainless Steel and Why Use It? 
We have all heard of Stainless Steel but when you ask people what 'Stainless Steel' actually is they are often unable to answer!  
Stainless Steel, whether in form of sheets, Stainless Steel wire or other stainless steel products it is a low carbon steel which contains chromium at 10% or more by weight. At The Iron Designer, we use this versatile material to create bespoke customised products such as handrails, kitchen equipment, shelves, counters, cabinets etc. 
Why Use Stainless Steel? 
1. Corrosion resistance 
2. Resistance to high and low temperatures 
3. This is an environmentally friendly material because it is 100% recyclable 
Iron for fencing and gates 
Many, if not most, homes nowadays have some type of gates or fencing surrounding them. While there are a number of options available when it comes to material for your fencing and gates, wrought iron is considered the best among them because it offers many benefits: 
1. Security - this is the primary concern of homeowners and when it comes to gates and fencing, it is the perfect material to provide security to your property. 
2. Low maintenance cost - it requires very little maintenance and when it does, you simply have to use a wire brush for scrubbing, clean water for rinsing, and a new coat of paint if it’s painted. 
3. Elegance - it also adds elegance and value to your property. 
4. Durable and long-lasting - a fence or gate made up of wrought iron is not only durable against day-to-day wear and tear but is also capable of withstanding unexpected damage. 
We supply and install only high quality, industrial grade iron for our customers. 
For more information, enquiries or questions - please contact us; 
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