Meet The Team 

Forbes Project Management is based in new offices in the heart of Almancil. The team comprises a mix of civil engineers, experienced technicians and project coordinators as well as administrative staff to ensure that each project – and each client – receives personal attention and prompt response to any questions. 
Dermot Forbes

Dermot Forbes  

Dermot Forbes is the owner and Chief Executive of Forbes Project Management. With a background in Engineering, and a career stretching from Ireland to Libya, Saudi Arabia and across Portugal, Dermot has a wealth of private and commercial experience to draw from, allowing him to calculate a path of progress through the unique needs and challenges of each new project he’s presented with. 
Dermot’s honest, people-focused approach to property shows clients that their vision is always his top priority. 
Fátima Borlido

Fátima Borlido  

Fátima Borlido is a Project Manager with over twenty years of management experience and extensive training in marketing, onboarding, experience management and project management. Fátima has been instrumental in the completion of multiple projects in Quinta do Lago, Vilamoura and in the delivery of the Dunas Douradas Beach Club, where her skills were instrumental in getting the most out of everyone involved. 
Fátima’s expertise in team co-ordination ensures that each new project at Forbes hits its targets efficiently and comprehensively. 
José Belo

José Belo  

José Belo is a Civil Engineer and Lead Project Manager who has been involved in every major Forbes project since the company’s inception. He was an invaluable representative of the team during the Castro Marim project and took the lead on the Dunas Douradas project, successfully identifying needs and efficient solutions throughout. His eye for detail helped make 
these projects some of our proudest achievements to date. 
Belo’s diligent, analytical approach to his work has given Forbes a rock-solid foundation to build upon as a company, and helped establish its reputation for reliability and openness. 
Cristina Coelho

Cristina Coelho  

Cristina Coelho is assistant to Dermot Forbes and Front of House Administrator at Forbes Project Management, with extensive experience in client needs management and tourism. Her skill in customer service and scheduling ensures that no aspect of the client’s experience is left unattended – if there is a deadline to meet, she will make sure that it’s met in full on time. 
Cristina continuously elevates the standards of the Forbes team through her rigorous attention to detail and her commitment to providing the very best service to our clients. 
Tyrone Cook

Tyrone Cook  

Tyrone Cook is a Project Manager with over ten years of management experience. Having recently joined Forbes Project Management, Tyrone brings with him experience from multiple large-scale and multi-faceted commercial projects delivered across the United Arab Emirates. His expertise in plotting out and communicating each individual step of a project 
makes him invaluable to the Forbes team. 
From tradeswork to site management and project management, Tyrone’s hands-on knowledge of what gets projects done means that every aspect is planned for – from the fine details to the big picture. 
Robert Forbes

Robert Forbes  

Robert Forbes is an Ireland-based Residential Specialist with over 20 years of professional experience in the Dublin property market. He is the lead agent at Forbesboyle and owner of Forbes Lettings in Ireland, where he has developed a notable portfolio of 
residential site and land sales as well as real estate. 
At Forbes Project Management, Robert contributes an energetic and results-oriented 
focus to the workflow of the team, connecting with the needs of clients and putting them 
front and centre in all considerations. 

Leanne Swain  

Leanne Swain is a Project Manager with a lifelong connection to the construction industry, and a wealth of experience in the business services sector. She joined Forbes over twenty years ago in a support role before working her way up to her position as a Project Manager. Her commitment to hands-on learning has made her an expert on the natural flow of project development and how to take unforeseen complications in her stride. 
Leanne particularly excels at identifying and addressing upcoming planning issues, allowing the Forbes team to smooth over any bumps in the road before they arise. 
A: Forbes, Gestão e Fiscalização de Obras, Lda. 
Rua Manuel Viegas Guerreiro, Estrada da Fonte Coberta 
Business Center - 621 A, Fracção D 
8135-019 Almancil 
Tel: 01 8510920 
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